Understanding and Implementing Your Workplace Security Plan

With the recent rise in crime rates and terrorist attacks, workplace security is a growing concern among U.S. companies. According to the latest data by the Society of Human Resource Management, more than 50% of the HR professionals said that their company had experienced workplace violence at some point. More than half of the organizations had faced a violent incident in the past year alone!

Workplace violence can be in many forms—harassment, physical violence, or intimidation. Most incidents are initiated by the workers themselves.

Understanding and Implementing Your Workplace Security Plan

Who Is At Greater Risk For Workplace Violence?

According to a report published by the United States Department of Labor, certain factors put an employee at greater risk of workplace violence. Among them are people who deal with money and the general public such as bank tellers, delivery drivers, and customer service agents.

Healthcare professionals who work with mentally unstable patients or volatile people are also at risk of being exposed to workplace violence.

Additionally, people who work alone in isolated areas or unsafe neighborhoods with high crime rates are also more likely to become victims of workplace violence.

Implementing Workplace Security:

The risk of assault and workplace violence can be minimized by identifying factors that threaten most companies and taking appropriate precautions.

Establish a Zero-Tolerance Policy

The first step to securing a workplace is by establishing a zero-tolerance policy. This should cover all stakeholders of the company including the staff, managers, clients, and any third-party contractors associated with the company.

Any incident of violence should be met with swift action to serve as an example for all the other employees.

Train Employees

Organizations should introduce Violence Prevention Programs within the workplace and train employees. Workers should know how to respond to a potentially dangerous situation and who to inform in case they have been a victim of workplace violence.

Clear emergency response and prevention plan should be created, and all employees should be informed to increase the awareness of workplace safety.

Understanding and Implementing Your Workplace Security Plan

Install Proper Safety Systems

One of the best ways to prevent violence in the workplace is by installing a proper security system. Access control panels at the entrance will ensure only employees and authorized personnel will enter the premises of the office. This will protect the workplace from external threats.

A comprehensive CCTV surveillance system with a control room will ensure that employees are on their best behavior and avoid violent and aggressive tendencies. It will also ensure the perpetrator is identified and apprehended as soon as possible in case of an incident which will deter any other employees from displaying aggression.

Hire a Professional Security Service

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