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These are the Major Physical Security Threats that You Need to Guard Yourself Against

Since the most we can do is blame evolutionary biology for not letting humans be born with armadillo-like armor, physical threats are a real problem for us. Vulnerable and easily harmed, there’s no end to physical threats that can befall any one of us on a regular day.

It’s easy to overlook physical threats in the present day and time given how much more serious we think security threats are. However, just because digital threats have grown multifold doesn’t mean that physical threats have ceased to exist or have ceased to be equally as dangerous.

The good thing in all of this is that you don’t need sophisticated AI or algorithms or tech tools to counter physical threats—and the most common of these threats have been detailed below.

Burglaries, Thefts, and Robberies

Very similar and associated with the stealing of money and/or expensive valuables, nothing scares people more than the idea of having their precious possessions taken from them. Even quaint Sacramento County residents feel the need to secure their premises against the dangers of burglary and theft. According to FBI data, in 2017 alone 319,356 episodes of robberies took place in the United States.


While not considered a ‘physical threat,’ vandalism is still an affront to your physical property. Moreover, any and all graffiti that comes with vandalism is more or less insulting. Whether the property is public or private, defacing it is a threat and a gross violation.


Terrorism is a buzzword these days, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as much of a physical threat. Terrorism is a high-profile threat, and is mostly something that national security has to deal with.

However, you could also be at risk of a terrorist threat if you have been known to sympathize with factions that are not liked by mainstream terrorists. Terrorists can also attack commercial and corporate establishments such as cafés and restaurants in order to gain leverage and hostages.


Assault is one of the most serious physical security threats and is widespread in the United States, especially in current times. Threatening behavior and aggressive stances are the red flags that usually signal the onslaught of an assault. This could happen at work, at a public place, or even outside your home.

Protecting Yourself

Staying vigilant is, of course, the first step that you should take. Even if you aren’t directly vulnerable to any of these threats, you should always be on your guard—because accidents don’t call before they come.

On the other hand, there’s a more serious and far more effective measure that you can take, and that is by hiring a professional (or a team of professionals) from a security and elite response team.

Committed Elite Response Team is such a firm based in Sacramento that offers a range of security services. These include security officers, patrol services, security counseling, and a lot more.

Give us a call at (916) 585-0240 if you’ve got any questions.

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