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Here’s Why Your Apartment Complex Needs a Security Guard

In the United States, thanks to the population boom, the apartment industry is a big thing. In fact, 2017 saw the apartment construction industry reach a crescendo in the preceding 20 years.

You’ll find numerous apartments all across Sacramento. Great places to live, definitely, but never entirely free form risk. Apartments might look like less lucrative robbing venues when compared to homes, but they’re just as much at risk.

Burglaries, assaults, violent crime, violent protestors, and so much more can easily spill out into your apartment complex if checks and balances aren’t put in place. Security guards who’ve had due training in a grueling, high-pressure environment, will have the physical skills and equipment needed to tackle all these issues.

And if you still can’t think of reasons why your apartment block needs added security, we’ll run you through the memo.


Security officers are crucial for deterring criminal and unauthorized activity. Their professional training makes them far more perceptive, allowing them to detect potential criminals and miscreants from a mile away. More so, the very presence of a guard in uniform is threat enough to any criminal who looks your way. The message that your premise is protected and guarded 24/7 is given off loud and clear.

Real-Time Response

Let’s say some sort of criminal activity does take place in your vicinity. You call the police, but they can’t come flying to you on a magic carpet and resolve the issue immediately. It will take time for them to reach you, and they could even be delayed due to traffic. In short, delayed response. On the other hand, a security guard will be present on the premises and will respond to the situation immediately.

You Can Customize the Response

Apartment complexes are unique. Yours will be different from the one that is in the adjacent neighborhood. You will have a completely different apartment culture, with people coming in and leaving at different times. The tenants will be different, the needs will be different, and the response, of course, needs to be different.

Having a security officer stationed exclusively at your apartment block means you have the option of customizing how he responds to emergencies unique to your apartment.

Security Services in Sacramento

If you’ve been looking to hire a highly trained professional team or a security officer for your Sacramento apartments, get in touch with us at Committed Elite Response Team right now!

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