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5 Essential Duties of a Security Guard

Sacramento has one of the highest crime rates compared to other communities of its size. Almost 20,000 crimes are reported annually in Sacramento, out of which, an estimated 16,000 are property crimes.

More and more residents are looking into various security measures to prevent burglaries, thefts, and other violent crimes on their properties as a result. And while the security industry is coming up with new and updated security solutions each day, nothing beats the effectiveness of a good old-fashioned security guard.

A trained and qualified security guard controls dangerous situations and prevents them from escalating and harming residents. Their basic objective is to protect residents and prevent crime.

Other essential duties of security guards include:

5 Essential Duties of a Security Guard

Acting as a Visual Deterrent:

One of the main things a security guard must do is stay visible. This is very important, as it’s the first roadblock that deters potential criminals and trespassers. The presence of a visible authoritative figure prevents people from attempting illegal activities such as breaking and entering, vandalism, and harassment.

Being Alert at All Times

A security guard needs to be vigilant and on the lookout for any event or strange behavior that could indicate trouble. They need to have keen sense of hearing and sight to detect possible harmful situations.

They should also have strong cognitive abilities so they can understand if someone is trying to distract or manipulate them.

Act Fast During a Crises

A dangerous situation can manifest at any time. A professional security guard must be able to act fast and efficiently in any crisis, while maintaining a calm and responsible attitude. If the guard exhibits signs of panic, it might escalate the situation further.

Observe and Report:

A security guard needs to be proactive. This means that even if there isn't a dangerous situation taking place, they should monitor the area for possible problems. This way, they can report any suspicious behavior or activities to the authorities and prevent crime before it happens.

5 Essential Duties of a Security Guard

Get Proper Help

Finally, the most important duty of a security guard is knowing when to contact the authorities. Certain situations such as neighborhood spats are simple enough that can be resolved by guards themselves.

However, in case of an armed robbery, an assault, or any other dangerous situation which a guard isn't equipped to handle, they must have the dexterity to inform the proper authorities in time.

Hire a Professional Security Service

The best security guards take their roles as protectors seriously and don't overlook even the simplest responsibilities.

Committed Elite Response Team is a premier security company, providing both armed and unarmed security guards for the residents of Sacramento.

Our security guards go through extensive training and screening processes to ensure optimal security for our clients.

We also offer additional security services including security patrols, remote monitoring, and emergency response teams, for both commercial and residential properties.

Get in touch with us today for our full range of security solutions or to schedule a free security consultation for your property.

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