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Committed Elite Response Team prides itself on the quality of services provided to clients. One tool C.E.R.T utilizes is a unique reporting system which sets us apart from the rest. Our officers give all clients a DAR, also known as daily activity report. This reporting system documents what occurred throughout the security officers shift on location. The Daily Activity Report assures both C.E.R.T & clients the best service is being provided. The DAR also allows C.E.R.T to assess the potential issues occurring on the property, which in turn helps us build an informative data base allowing us the ability to adapt to security issues on client properties. Complete reports are emailed to the clients, in the morning following the days service. Giving the client detailed information of what occurred. The reporting system allows C.E.R.T to do a multitude of tasks including attaching photos, Parking violations, read property post orders, Log dispatch calls, reporting maintenance issues, Incidents reports and easily track what occurs on the location. All reports provided by the reporting system are saved, allowing both C.E.R.T and the client to look back at previous dates and times should they be needed.

why our report is above industry standards

  • All our security officers are equipped with a police 1080p body camera with clear audio eliminating all hearsay and assisting client or local authorities with credible evidence.

  • We hold monthly mandated report writing training for our officers. 

  • We retain and archive all clients property reports, in case needed in the future.

  • C.E.R.T reports are never copy and pasted.   

  • Our officers reports are detailed and would not keep you guessing .

  • Dated and time stamped photos/videos.

  • All vehicle and body cameras are equipped with GPS

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