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                                    100% Committed to Everything We Do

We inbody the word professionalism. when you come across our officers they will be in a pristine shape uniform, never sitting down, chatting on their cellphone, or neglecting the client’s property. We have a motto in committed Elite Response Team “excellence is not an act, it is a habit” and rest assured our officer have the habit of being exceptional at their jobs. I am proud to say, that’s why we have the most professional security company in all of Sacramento.

Armed Guard

Unarmed Guard 

Facilities Lock-up/Un-lock 

Vacation Watch 

Health & Welfare Inspection 

Random Vehicle Patrol 

Parking Enforcement & Towing

Remote Camera Monitoring

Alarm Response 

Alarm Dispatch 

Special Event Security 

Crowd Control 

Facility Access Control 

Home Alarm Response

Executive protection/bodyguard 

Estate Perimeter Security

Special Vehicle Escort 

Employee Termination Standby 

Eviction Notice Service 

Civil Standby Protection 

Fire Watch

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