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Patrol services

Committed Elite Response Team offers “concentrated night time” or “day time presence” security patrol services. We also offer call-for-service and alarm response packages for those without a need for a daily security program. Our patrol services are designed to meet a number of demands from provision of property inspections by vehicle and on foot, crime deterrence, locking of amenities, arming of alarms and other such functions which may need to be done on a routine basis in order to guard your designated site.


Beyond security-related training, our officers are trained extensively on protocols of the property management industry, towing industry and the criminal justice system. We recognize the importance of community safety and understand that a cohesive relationship with the property management, office, staff and security team is what generate the safety and progress in the community.



Our Emergency Response Team reports writing are outstanding due to our monthly report writing training, we won’t leave you guessing. We utilize a customized database system to draft reports and maintain records pertaining to your property. Patrol operations are supplemented by G.P.S to ensure excellent responsiveness and integrity in operations. If you’re located in Sacramento, our specialized security patrol services are available to you.

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