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Security consulting

The most often forgotten, yet valuable aspects of private security is the consulting stage. This is the foundation of all safety and security functions. We could tell you, if you need a security guard or just some small property upgrades that will improve your facility, eliminating the need of a security guard or patrol officer.

Getting a security consultation is the solution to give your property a sense of security most importantly your residents. Committed Elite Response Team will send a specialist from upper management to your property, for a one on one meeting or even a community meeting with your residents. C.E.R.T will go over with you and your tenants, different ways to make your property safer and more secure even without having a security company patrol your property. These consultation meeting will cover a multitude of topics from cameras, vehicles, gates, doors, and planning a resident neighborhood watch schedule etc. for more information contact Committed Elite Response Team to set up a meeting

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